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Removing entries from the ‘Open with Other Application’ menu in Ubuntu

16 May, 2010

So recently I decided to remove Wine once and for all… again. However, after doing so, I realized that the ‘Open with Other Application’ menu in Ubuntu 10.04 does not flush all the Wine-related entries in it (this menu can be accessed by right-clicking any file/folder in the file-system). I googled around to find a fix for this issue and did not find a good solution. The solution was finally found on some forums and was in a pretty fragmented state. So I am compiling it here.

Go to the ‘/home/<username>/.local/share/applications’ directory. Find all the Wine-related documents in there and delete them… just like that. Then open the ‘mimeapps.list’ file in the same folder using gedit (or your favorite text editor). Again find all Wine-related entries in the file and delete them. This can be tricky, so make a backup copy of the file before you change anything. That should get rid of those useless entries once and for all. This solution can probably be used to get rid of any entry. Try it and let me know.

  1. Thanks πŸ™‚
    It was the exact thing I was looking for.

  2. Big help. Worked perfectly.

  3. pepi permalink

    nop didnt work for me… or do i have to refresh something?

    • akshaydandekar permalink

      You should not have to refresh anything. What version of ubuntu are you using? Maybe it has changed functionality. I tried finding an Ubuntu thread concerning the same thing and I came up with several threads. Most have the same or a similar solution listed. Here is one thread.

  4. Gaurav J. permalink

    Works on Ubuntu 10.10. You are a life saver.

  5. Gaurav J. permalink

    Atta bagitla me, tumcha nam. chan upaay…..

  6. Mukul permalink

    Have you tried Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) yet? The Unity interface takes some getting used to but it’s freaking awesome. And Play on Linux is pretty nifty thing for most Windows applications such as MS Office

    • akshaydandekar permalink

      I am using Ubuntu 11.04, but I have kept the Gnome Classic option on. Unity is not as mature yet. And PlayOnLinux looks really good, though I have never used it. I have used wine in the past, but I have to admit, I have been windows free since 2007

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