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The 5-minute guide to Kanban

20 May, 2014

Kanban is another word that is currently popular among corporate flocks, I mean folks. So here is a quick guide on that.

  1. Kanban is a technique of categorizing, scheduling and displaying the work output of a project team.
  2. The Kanban method originated in Japan through the Toyota Production System (TPS) and uses a feedback system to manage store inventory based on demand .
  3. Software development teams can use Kanban techniques for enhancing their development pipeline and simplifying project management.
  4. The simplest form of Kanban can be applied as below.
    • All phases of the project such as specification, design, development, testing, and deployment are each given a slot on a Kanban chart.
    • Each slot is further divided into smaller slots based on status of a single feature/task, such as planned, ongoing, and completed as shown in the diagram.
    • Work-In-Progress or WIP limits are allotted to each slot. This is the amount of maximum items allowed to be pending in any one slot.
    • The tasks are then mapped on the Kanban board as they traverse each stage of software development.
    • Whenever a slot is filled to its assigned WIP limit, team members working on other slots can then help move the pending items forward or focus on other activities until the backlog is cleared.
    • This pull-back helps reduce spikes in the software development process.KanbanBoardDownload this post as an image

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